Uniform and Stationery

Confirmation of student’s optional subjects will be when they confirm their timetable at the start of Term One. There is no expectation for students to have all of their stationery on their first day – a lined refill pad and pen will be useful.

We recommend purchasing initial supplies of stationery outside of the school but small orders of stationery are available from the Payments Office and can be made at the office during open hours.

Payment can be made via cash, cheque, Eftpos or internet banking. Please make cheques payable to Linwood College. For internet banking our account number is Westpac 030855 0333839 00. Please always enter the student’s name as the reference.

Senior Students Yr 11 to Yr 13 (inclusive) must have all of the following items:


Boys:  Linwood College regulation trousers or shorts

Boys:  Regulation striped shirt and black tie

Girls:  Regulation black school skirt

Girls:  Regulation senior striped blouse and black tie

Black socks (3/4 length) or knee-highs (Girls/Boy) or tights (Girls only).

Plain black enclosed shoes appropriate for school: lace-ups or T Bars only.

Linwood College Blazer

Physical education and sports uniforms:


All junior students must wear the school PE uniform purchased from the Uniform Office.

Regulation Linwood College top

Regulation Linwood College black shorts

Sports socks


All Linwood sports teams must wear the full sports uniform during all games. This includes plain black shorts unless the team uniform indicates otherwise.

Junior Students Yr 7 to Yr 10 (inclusive) must have all of the following items:


Boys: Linwood College regulation trousers or shorts – Trousers must be standard school cut and worn at an appropriate length

Girls: Regulation tartan skirt must be worn below the knee

Boys: Regulation black shirt

Girls: Regulation blouse

Regulation black jacket – water proof

Black socks (3/4 length) or knee-highs (Girls/Boy) or tights (Girls only)

Plain black enclosed shoes appropriate for school: lace-ups or T Bars only

Guernsey with Linwood College logo.

The board of trustees requires students to wear regulation uniform as a condition of school enrolment. Uniform creates a positive public image and prevents competition among students. We encourage students to take pride in their appearance and ask parents to support the school in seeing that their children wear the regulation uniform and have clothing clearly named. School jacket is not compulsory but students will need at least one of them for cold and wet weather when the jersey is insufficient.

Regulation uniform must be purchased from our school uniform shop.  Uniform is to be worn to and from school and at school.


Students at all levels must not wear jewellery, except for a watch, one taonga as a cultural item and one additional piece of jewellery e.g. Bracelet, necklace. One plain stud earring or small sleeper earing per ear, no stretchers. Students are not permitted to wear any facial piercings including retainers. Any other body piercings must not be visible. Sticking plasters over piercings or retainers is not permitted.

Hair and makeup

Light makeup (including nail polish) to be worn by all students. Male students at all levels must be clean shaven. Extreme hairstyles and any colour are not permitted. Hair ties must be black. No bandanas to be worn.

Cycle helmets compulsory for cyclists

For tidiness and uniformity the following rules apply

Junior girls skirt must not be above the knee.

Undergarments must not be seen.

Non-regulation sweaters, jackets or parkas must not be worn.

Non-black school shoes are not to be worn except for physical

Boots are not to be worn.

No visible tattoos

The Google suite is used to access teaching and learning at Linwood College.

From 2020, it is recommended that all learners across Years 7-13 need to bring a device to school to help them with their learning. At Linwood College at Ōtakaro we use the Google Education Suite so a Chromebook is often the most accessible device for learners.

We are delighted to be partnering with the Uru Mānuka EducationTrust in order to provide the best possible deal and finance options for the recommended chromebook for Linwood College.