Our Community

Warm Greetings To Our Community

Linwood College is a community school: we are in the community and of the community. Therefore we value high quality relationships with successful schooling arising from educational partnerships with parents, our partnership primary schools, the Ministry of Education and other agencies. Parents, teachers and students know each other well and model respect and good manners.

Our community is dynamic experiencing significant post-earthquake change, and present and future development. Our school’s catchment area population encompasses the full range of Aotearoa-New Zealand’s economic and social diversity. Linwood College is one of the common, unifying factors of this diversity and we actively celebrate the range of our students and our vibrant, outwardly-facing, globally rich culture.

Reflecting this growth and dynamism and our productive relationships with our partner primary schools, Linwood College is in two functioning Kāhui Ako: Tamai (Linwood-Woolston) and Aupaki (the Bays, Heathcote Valley and Lyttelton). We fully support the introduction and implementation of Kāhui Ako to ensure that our students experience aspiration and continuity in their learning pathway as they move from one educational setting to another. Linwood College looks to its future with confidence as it partners with its community.

Linwood College Community Foundation


Linwood College Board Of Trustees

Linwood College has a highly committed board of trustees who work closely with both the school and the wider community to ensure the successful governance of the college.

A parents guide to the BOT


Our Community Of Learning

Linwood College at Ōtakaro is very proud to be part of two Kāhui Ako within our local communities. These Kāhui Ako provide powerful connections from ECE to primary, secondary and through to tertiary learning. Kāhui Ako, communities of learning, create explicit pathways for learners throughout their learning journey and ensure that there are excellent transitions for learners and their whānau at every stage.