LEVEL 2 Maori Performing Arts – L2MPA

Learning Area: Maori
Qualification: NCEA Level 2

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini.

This Māori Performing Arts course will allow students to learn and develop their skills in the areas of poi, haka, mōteatea and waiata-ā-ringa. Students will learn different types of songs and the protocols of the performing arts will be taught through practical application and research.
A major component of this course is performance and students will be expected to participate in a minimum of two performances in order to fulfil this component.

Course Components: Kaupapa/Themes covered in this class will be focused around people associated with the world of Māori Performing Arts and the components of performance.

  • Waiata-ā-ringa themes and types
  • Haka themes and types
  • Mōteatea themes and types
  • Hīmene themes and types
  • Compositions
  • Personal response to performances

External Credits:                                    N/A
Internal Credits:                                    18 Level 2 MPA Credits
Literacy:                                                   N/A
Entry Recommendations:                    Students must have gained the 8 credits at Level 1 before being eligible to complete Level 2