Learning at Linwood

Our learners are active shapers of their futures, rather than passive consumers. Linwood learners are equipped with the global employment attributes, particularly digital understanding, to be happy and successful in their future lives and careers.

That is why we believe in a “pathwayed curriculum.” This means the school, our learners and their families and whānau all know how the learning at Linwood College connects to the learners’ present interests and their post-school futures. Our curriculum is dynamic, challenging and exciting, enabling learners to expand their visions and define their own personal ambitions for the future.

Learning Pathway 7-10

Junior Curriculum

Year 7 & 8

Year 7 and 8 learners at Linwood College experience a calm, settled and stable start to high school. Their curriculum is a combination of home-room learning and specialist subjects. The emphasis in these first two years is on enhancing positive learning dispositions alongside rich literacy and numeracy learning to broaden and deepen curriculum understanding.

Year 9

Many learners will join Linwood College at Year 9. Our holistic, social programmes and vertical house system effectively integrates them within the College. From Year 9, learners will have specialist teachers for all of their subjects, including access to specialist facilities. Two dedicated enrichment classes will operate in both Year 9 and 10 to extend learning across all subject areas.

Year 10

Year 10 learners will be in their final year of preparation for NCEA and will explore specialised subjects to meet their individual interests and strengths. Many Linwood Year 10 learners start their national qualifications success in this year.

Year 11-13

Senior Curriculum

In the senior years, flexible timetabling and our partnerships with the University of Canterbury, Ara Polytechnic and other tertiary providers offer a broad curriculum that leads to the widest of study and career choices. Through the extensive and expert career services at Linwood College, all senior learners have understanding of their pathway and know how to achieve their pathway goals. Whatever their goals, our learners and their whānau are supported to make well-considered, informed choices to ensure they are following the subjects and interests they value and enjoy. We know this is what leads to lifelong learning and success.

Year 11- 13 Subject Choices

We believe in a “pathwayed curriculum.”