House System

At Linwood College learning success and personal wellbeing are inseparable. Positive learning relationships and whanaungatanga are at the center of everything.  We know that effective learning occurs in a safe and caring physical and emotional environment. We embrace diversity and inclusiveness as we see this as reflective both of New Zealand society today, and of New Zealand’s global future.

Our House Sytem

At Linwood College, our pastoral care network begins with the kaiārahi (vertical form teacher) and the house system.

Each learner will belong to a vertical ako (learner) group, which will meet for a short time most days to touch base with their kaiārahi and the other learners in this group. Once a week, the group will meet for an additional hour of a specialised ako (learning) curriculum designed to build whānaungatanga (relationships), New Zealand Curriculum competencies and personal agency. These ako groups will be united under the umbrella of four houses at Linwood College.

The kaiārahi will be fully supported by their house dean and the senior leadership team.


• Building long-term whānaungatanga, as learners are with their kaiārahi and each other for their time at Linwood College
• Promoting peer support and peer mentoring
• Providing opportunities for learner leadership
• Increasing guidance for careers and course planning
• Developing identity and connection
• Differentiated and extended pastoral curriculum across 7 years of secondary learning