About Our School

Nurturing and promoting the individual potential of your child is a serious and important responsibility.   In that respect I am delighted that you are considering Linwood College for your child’s secondary education. Linwood College has an ambitious, diverse and forward-looking learning environment where every student is encouraged to achieve personal excellence, to get involved, to serve and to enjoy learning.

You can rely on our school to provide a stimulating and challenging learning programme, where high expectations motivate and bring out the best in our students. Teachers at Linwood are passionate about their subjects, deeply committed to the College and determined to draw the very best from each of their students. This, combined with a rich and stimulating range of sports, performing arts and cultural opportunities, really does mean that Linwood College students are able to explore their talents and interests, whether undiscovered or already developing, to the full.

As a College, we are poised to enter an exciting new era, and we welcome both the opportunities and the challenges that this will provide. As we begin this new phase, our resolve to offer a supportive and disciplined environment will continue. We are also determined to ensure that we keep sight of our goal of attaining personal excellence and equity for every student.

To our potential new students we say: Whatever your abilities or interests, when you eventually leave this school as a young adult, we envisage sending you out confident and well prepared for the future. You will join thousands of former Linwood College students who play prominent roles in every aspect of society both in New Zealand and further afield.

There is an exciting future ahead of us; I do hope you and your child can be part of it. Together we can make a difference and we look forward to a successful partnership within the Linwood College family.

Our School Values

Our actions are guided by:
SERVICE – Manaakitanga
RESPECT – Whakaute
CURIOSITY – Manawareka
HONESTY – Whakapono

Our School Motto

Kimihia - to seek: In Pursuit of Excellence

The choice of Kimihia as the motto was easy; it proved harder for the school community to settle on the design for the crest. The first design featured the head of a Maori warrior, alert and gazing into the future. In 1969 a new crest was adopted. The motto Kimihia was retained and Maori rafter patterns were added to a shield design which incorporated three Linden trees, recalling the fact that the origins of the name Linwood can be traced back to a village in Lincolnshire, England, named origins of the name Linwood can be traced back to a village in Lincolnshire, England, named after a wealthy wool merchant, John Lyndewode.

Our School Vision

To provide Learning Pathways to the Future Through:
Raising Expectations
Celebrating Differences
Serving and Leading the Community
Being Innovative, Progressive, Future Focused
Emphasising Knowledge